Day Dreamer Naples Fishing Charters

Day Dreamer Naples Fishing Charters goal is to make you love fishing. Everyone, from young children to senior citizens can have a great time out there on the water. Imagine yourself on a beautiful sunny day on a boat in the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico reeling in a fish. The thrill and fun of the catch will never go out of style.

Whether you are bringing your family, clients, employees or just a group of friends, one of Naples top charter boat captains can show them the experience of a lifetime. Fishing the Backwaters, fishing offshore or site seeing tours, Day Dreamer Fishing Charters has something for everyone. As a knowledgeable fishing guide with a lifetime fishing the local waters, me, Captain Brendon will guide you to where the fishing is best!

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What waters does Naples Day Dreamer fish?

We fish in and around the Gordon River, Naples Bay and Gulf of Mexico. We see Marco Island, the great homes of Port Royal, the backwaters where Indians used to fish and even go through some wildlife mangrove areas. We will fish in the waters depending on the kind of fishing you want to do.

What To Bring Saltwater Fishing In Naples Florida

What To Bring On Your Naples Fishing Trip

Naples Day Dreamer fishing suggests that you bring the following along on your upcoming Naples fishing trip. Please bring: Sunscreen, brimmed hat, Extra clothing, Camera, Snacks/food you want to eat, Alcoholic beverages are allowed; beer and wine only, please.

Shark Fishing Naples Florida

South Florida Fishing Charters Available

Book Charters: Booking your trip with Naples Day Dreamer is strongly suggested. Our busiest and best months for deep sea fishing Naples fl are March, April, May, June, and July. Our charter boat is also available for sight-seeing, shelling, and sunset tours. This is fun for the whole family!

  1. Half Day Charter Fishing In Florida

    Snook Fishing In Florida

    Snook are one of the most favorite eating fish in our area. Also known as Centropoums Undecimalis, the common snook are also known as Sergent fish or Robalo captains call them freight trains since they are silver with a black lateral line on both sides. The Florida record is 44.3 lbs. caught in Ft Myers FL right here near us.

  2. Full Day Charter Fishing In Florida

    Tarpon Fishing Charters In Naples, Florida

    Tarpon are the king of all fish, also known as Megalops Alanticus….they get over 300 lbs. with the Florida record being 243 lbs. caught in Key West FL. On 2-17-75. Tarpon move North through to our Naples waters starting in March and head toward Boca Grande by May then June to spawn. Some of the Tarpon will stay in our area until we get the first cold front coming around October to December.

  3. Offshore Charter Fishing In Florida

    Red Snapper Fishing In Florida

    We have to go out about 100 miles offshore to get red snapper, but boy are they worth it. Also known as Lutjanus Campechanus, we can fish for them the end of May through the middle of July with 2 per angler per day.  Red snapper is the Gulf’s signature fish and very popular in restaurants and seafood markets.    They can grow up to 40 inches, weigh up to 50 lbs and live up to 50 years.  The record is 46 lbs caught in Destin FL.

  4. South Florida Grouper Fishing Guides

    Florida Grouper Fishing Charters

    Gag Grouper in the Naples area one of the largest members of grouper family.  They are gray or brown with wavy marking on their sides and don’t form circles or boxes which is sometimes mistaken for black grouper.  Also known as Mycteroperca Microlepis, gags are caught as close as 100 yards from the beach and up to 30 miles offshore depending what time of year it is thought they move inshore during January thru March.

  5. Backwater Fishing Charters

    South Florida Redfish Charters

    Redfish is the common name for several species of fish. It is a deep-sea rockfish that will give you a great fight. They are in the Drum Family, known as Sciaenops ocellatus, they have a reddish, bronze top with a pale underbelly. They also can be identified by a yellow ringed spot near their tail. We catch them about 10-12 lbs with the record being 94 lbs caught in North Carolina.

  6. South Florida Sportfishing Trips

    Shark Fishing In South Florida

    Bull Sharks, also known as Carcharhinus Leucas or Zambezi in African are considered by some to be the most dangerous because they like to travel in most all waters including rivers and estuaries.  They get their name from their short blunt snout like a bull. We will catch and release bull sharks, they are a rugged fighter with the world record being 697 lbs. but they can get over 1200 lbs.

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