Florida Shark Fishing Trips

Day Dreamer Fishing Charter’s seasoned captains can take you to the offshore rigs and the deepest depths of the Gulf of Mexico for World Class Blue Water Sportfishing. Overnight trips depart after dark and begin the journey to offshore rigs 50+ miles offshore to target big game fish of Gulf of Mexico Species such as Tarpon, Snook, Permit, Barracuda, Cobia, Dolphin, Triple Tail, Redfish and more.

Whether you are bringing your family, clients, employees or just a group of friends, one of Naples top charter boat captains can show them the experience of a lifetime. Fishing the Backwaters, fishing offshore or site seeing tours, Day Dreamer Fishing Charters has something for everyone.

Why Charter With Us?

Choose your target Shark Species: Hammerhead Shark, Bull Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Blacktip Sharks, Reef Sharks, Bonnethead Sharks.

Expert guidance and coaching from start to finish.

Thousands of guided shark fishing trips and even more fish caught.

No license needed, our license covers up to six people fishing on my boat including all applicable fishing license, stamps and permits.

  1. Bull Shark Fishing In Florida

    Bull Sharks, also known as Carcharhinus Leucas or Zambezi in African are considered by some to be the most dangerous because they like to travel in most all waters including rivers and estuaries. They will even venture into completely fresh water, and has been caught in several Florida rivers, and even in Lake Okeechobee. They get their name from their short blunt snout like a bull. We will catch and release bull sharks, they are a rugged fighter with the world record being 697 lbs. but they can get over 1200 lbs.

  2. Florida Hammerhead Fishing Charters

    Hammerhead sharks are easily identified by their hammer-like head and offset eyes.   There are many types of sharks in our waters, but most are pretty identifiable by their look.  Male hammerheads are usually about 6 feet while females get to be about 10 feet. They are also often referred to as T-heads, T’s or hammerheads.  Hammerhead sharks are generally found in offshore waters but can also be found in inshore waters.  Smaller ones are caught in the summertime and larger hammerhead sharks are caught in the winter and springtime.

  3. Lemon Shark Fishing Charters In Naples, Florida

    This yellowish looking shark, also known as Negaprion Brevirostris, are stocky and are smaller compared to other sharks, only getting to about 10 feet and 200 lbs. They like the warmer waters and stay closer to the surfaces. Lemons like small prey that don’t put up much of a fight, they are the lazier of the shark family.  They don’t have the fancy sharp teeth like other sharks, they are curved so they can catch slippery prey better.

  4. South Florida Nurse Shark Charters

    The nurse shark or Ginglymostoma Cirratum is a sluggish bottom dwelling shark that is one of the tamest sharks in our waters.  They only average about 9 feet and 200 lbs.  The reason I see for the name is because they like to lay around together in their “nursery” group and sleep all day.

  5. South Florida Tiger Shark Charters

    Among predatory sharks, tiger sharks, better known as Galeocerdo Cuvier are second only to great whites in the size department.  They can get very large , up to 20 feet in lenth, half of which entails it’s strange caudal fin which is a large jutting backfin.  They are usually found in the offshore but come in to feed in shallower waters in winter months, migrating up North in the summer.

  6. South Florida BlackTip Charters

    Small, but fast Carcharhinus Melanopterus, or Blacktip Reef, is the smallest of all sharks only getting to about 5 or 6 feet.  This good looking shark gets its name from the pointed snout and black tips on its fins (especially its dorsal fin). They love the warm and shallow water near sandy beaches and coral reefs.

  7. Florida Reef Shark Charters

    Many of my clients ask in general about “reef sharks” bundling many shark species together that live amongst the reef., but we do have a Carribbean Reef shark, or Carcharhinus perezi and it is found in the carribbean, liking warmer waters of the Gulf.  They grow to about 10 feet long and found in caves or on the ocean floor. It has larger eyes and the snout is rounded and short in comparison to other sharks. When you look up close, they have an extra rear tip on the second dorsal fin.  They prefer the reefs, hunting squids, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, and every type of reef fish.

  8. Florida Bonnethead Shark Charters

    These sharks are the smallest of the hammerhead family, known as Sphyrna tiburo, they only get to a maximum of 3 ½ ft.  They are abundant in the mud flats and inshore.  They like the warm water here in the winter but move North in the summer.

Florida Fishing Gear Rentals

Day Dreamer Fishing offers fishing gear rentals with all necessary equipment you need to catch all of the species of fish off the beach or pier in Naples, Florida. Our fishing poles are all light spinning rods with braided line. Poles come strung up with flora carbon leader with a size 1 circle hook. Cast nets, bait buckets and fully stocked tackle boxes are also available for rent.


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