Florida Saltwater Fishing Trips

Booking your trip with Naples Day Dreamer is strongly suggested. Our busiest and best months for deep sea fishing Naples fl are March, April, May, June, and July. Our charter boat is also available for sight-seeing, shelling, and sunset tours. This is fun for the whole family!

Offshore Fishing Charters: The offshore fishing adventure in the Gulf of Mexico off Naples, Florida will afford you the opportunity to catch Grouper, Kingfish, Sharks, Snapper, Barracuda and Cobia. Upon our return to the dock, you are invited to take your catch to the Dock Restaurant where they will cook it for you, fried or grilled. Want to take your catch home instead? It will be cleaned and bagged for you to take with you.

Florida Grouper Fishing Trips

Grouper Fishing Trips

Goliath Grouper in the Naples area are the largest of grouper family, also known as Epinephelus Itajara, or Jewfish, goliaths are on endangered species so they are not fishable. Due to overfishing, in 1990 they prohibited the harvesting and possession of these fish.

South Florida Snapper Fishing Guides

Snapper Fishing Trips

A half day of charter fishing will be a 4-hour charter, whether it is a morning or afternoon. I usually do a 8a-12p or 9a-1p and a 12p-4p or 1p-5p. This includes fishing charters, eco tours, sightseeing tours. We help you get the most out of your fishing experience.

Mackerel Fishing Trips In Florida

Mackerel Fishing Trips

King Mackerel is the largest of mackerel family also known as Scomberomorus Maculatus are a part of the tuna family. These fish can get to over 100 lbs. With the Florida record being 90 lbs. caught in Key West. They move thru the Naples area from October to April.

Drum Fishing Trips In Florida

Drum Fishing Trips

drum are bottom feeders and caught on or near the bottom using live or dead shrimp and a lite leader #5 circle hook with a small weight so it stays on the bottom or oyster bars. year round but better in winter with cool water very good fighter’s smaller black drums are caught in the backwaters.

Florida Sport Fishing Trips

Sport Fishing Trips

There are many species of fish to be caught year-round in the Gulf of Mexico. From the backwaters to open waters, springtime is great for Cobia, king and Spanish mackerel, amberjack, triggerfish, redfish, trout and a variety of snapper species.

South Florida Backwater Fishing Trips

Backwater Fishing Trips

The Ten Thousand Islands right off Naples/Marco Island has some of the best backwater fishing in the state. For the uninitiated, backwater fishing, or backcountry fishing, it has an extensive network of bays, mangrove islands and tidal creeks that are a perfect setting for backwater fishing.

Amberjack Fishing Trips In Florida

Amberjack Fishing Trips

There are three main types of amberjacks: the greater, the lesser and the banded rudderfish. Greater Amberjacks known as Seriola Dumerili get to be 150 lbs. with the Florida record at 142 lbs. caught in Islamorada, FL. There is a subtle difference between the 3.

South Florida Shark FIshing Guides

Shark Fishing Trips

Bull Sharks, also known as Carcharhinus Leucas or Zambezi in African are considered by some to be the most dangerous because they like to travel in most all waters including rivers and estuaries. They will even venture into completely fresh water.

Florida Fishing Gear Rentals

Day Dreamer Fishing offers fishing gear rentals with all necessary equipment you need to catch all of the species of fish off the beach or pier in Naples, Florida. Our fishing poles are all light spinning rods with braided line. Poles come strung up with flora carbon leader with a size 1 circle hook. Cast nets, bait buckets and fully stocked tackle boxes are also available for rent.


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