Florida Sportfishing Trips

Day Dreamer Fishing Charter’s seasoned captains can take you to the offshore rigs and the deepest depths of the Gulf of Mexico for World Class Blue Water Sportfishing. Overnight trips depart after dark and begin the journey to offshore rigs 50+ miles offshore to target big game fish of Gulf of Mexico Species such as Tarpon, Snook, Permit, Barracuda, Cobia, Dolphin, Triple Tail, Redfish and more. . .

Whether you are bringing your family, clients, employees or just a group of friends, one of Naples top charter boat captains can show them the experience of a lifetime. Fishing the Backwaters, fishing offshore or site seeing tours, Day Dreamer Fishing Charters has something for everyone.

Why Charter With Us?

Choose your target Sportfish Species: Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, Cobia, Permit, Barracuda, Dolphin and Triple Tail.

Expert guidance and coaching from start to finish.

Thousands of guided sportfish trips and even more fish caught.

No license needed, our license covers up to six people fishing on my boat including all applicable fishing license, stamps and permits.

  1. Snook Fishing In Florida

    Snook are one of the most favorite eating fish in our area. Also known as Centropoums Undecimalis, the common snook are also known as Sergent fish or Robalo captains call them freight trains since they are silver with a black lateral line on both sides. The Florida record is 44.3 lbs. caught in Ft Myers FL right here near us.

  2. Florida Cobia Fishing Charters

    Cobia, also known as Rachycentron Canadum get to 150 lbs. with the Florida record being 130.1 lbs. caught in Destin FL.  Cobia look a lot like a shark but have no teeth and are brown and white with 2 darker brown bands on the tail which gets darker when they are spawning and little spines along the top of its head.

  3. Tarpon Fishing Charters In Naples, Florida

    Tarpon are the king of all fish, also known as Megalops Alanticus….they get over 300 lbs. with the Florida record being 243 lbs. caught in Key West FL. On 2-17-75. Tarpon move North through to our Naples waters starting in March and head toward Boca Grande by May then June to spawn. Some of the Tarpon will stay in our area until we get the first cold front coming around October to December.

  4. South Florida Dolphin  Charters

    No, not Flipper! Now known as Mahi Mahi because of this error all the time, they changed the name of this fish to their Hawaiian name. Also they are called Dorado or also known as Coryphaena Hippurus, they get to 100 lbs. with the Florida record being 81 lbs. These fish are usually caught offshore about 60-80 miles out year round during may thru July. When the southwest winds from the Keys blow north, the fish will come closer to shore.

  5. Triple Tail Fishing In South Florida

    Triple Tail, also known as Lobotes Surinamensis are another incredible sportfish in Southwest Florida. tripletail get to 50 lbs. the Florida record is 40.13 lbs. caught in Ft. Pierce, FL. The reason they are called triple tail is because it actually looks like they have 3 tails with their dorsal and anal fin surrounding the main tail.

  6. Redfish Fishing In Florida

    Redfish is the common name for several species of fish. It is a deep-sea rockfish that will give you a great fight. They are in the Drum Family, known as Sciaenops ocellatus, they have a reddish, bronze top with a pale underbelly. They also can be identified by a yellow ringed spot near their tail. We catch them about 10-12 lbs with the record being 94 lbs caught in North Carolina.

  7. Permit Fishing In Florida

    Permit, also known as Trachinotus Falcatus can be identified by their elongated dorsal and anal fins. Adult Permit are found around wrecks and reefs while the Joinvile’s are found along the beaches and in the surf line where they feed on small invertebrates.

Florida Fishing Gear Rentals

Day Dreamer Fishing offers fishing gear rentals with all necessary equipment you need to catch all of the species of fish off the beach or pier in Naples, Florida. Our fishing poles are all light spinning rods with braided line. Poles come strung up with flora carbon leader with a size 1 circle hook. Cast nets, bait buckets and fully stocked tackle boxes are also available for rent.


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